Bitcoin Crypto Coin Price Ticker Display

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  DIMENSIONS 8 IN H x 5 IN W x 1.5 IN D

Are you tired of checking Crypto currency prices on your phone or computer constantly? Well this device will be the best gadget on your desk at home or office, it even looks amazing as a part of your entertainment system decor.

It comes with super easy Wi-Fi setup and you are ready to go. It shows live crypto coin prices from

It shows up to 10 coins YOU choose. ALL COINS available on can be programmed.

**Please note: Our devices are not meant for trading purposes!


• Wi-Fi connectivity with easy setup

• Bright LED Matrix display

• RGB lightshow. Bitcoin logo changes colors

• Live prices and 24hr change of ANY Crypto currency from

• Comes with usb cable

• Up to 10 different coins displayed.

• WHITE or BLACK case to choose 

• You can also have a scrolling message at the end of every cycle

 - Fiat exchange currency values are: "USD", "AUD", "BRL", "CAD", "CHF", "CLP", "CNY", "CZK", "DKK", "EUR", "GBP", "HKD", "HUF", "IDR", "ILS", "INR", "JPY", "KRW", "MXN", "MYR", "NOK", "NZD", "PHP", "PKR", "PLN", "RUB", "SEK", "SGD", "THB", "TRY", "TWD", "ZAR" 
  - It is also capable of showing cryptocurrency exchange in : "BTC", "ETH" "XRP", "LTC", and "BCH"